Hi, my name is Yianni Tsatas.

I am a Recovery Coach, Interventionist and Sober Companion from Montreal, Willing To Travel Anywhere Across Canada & The United States To Help Those In Need.


I understand first hand how hard it is to break free of dangerous habits. The road to recovery isn’t an easy one – but I did it. Now, I help others achieve the same power to take their lives back and gain meaning in their journey towards being sober.

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Recovery Coach, Interventionist and Sober Companion:
Montreal, Across Canada & The United States!

Confidential Substance Abuse Recovery Services 

Changing your relationship to alcohol and drugs is no small feat, and every person comes to recovery with a different idea of what they want to achieve. When you hire me as your Sober Coach — we are working together to identify and design a customized individual change-plan – with your goals, your schedule, and a better life in mind.

Services Offered In English, French and Greek

Addiction Recovery Programs

You want to change your current situation but you are overwhelmed. It feels like it’s too much to do on your own. Let’s do this together. As a Sober Coach, I provide invaluable support for people trying to overcome their destructive behaviors. I guide you to make smart choices and healthy decisions, with the number-one priority being breaking the chain of addiction.

Intervention Programs

Addicts may have created distrust and harm with family and friends. This can sometimes lead to emotions taking over at an interventions. The first step is evaluating the situation and then proceeding with the best options for a plan forward. I will create the best possible intervention strategy and develop any necessary contingency plans.

Family Recovery Coaching

Family members and friends experience stress and fear when someone that they care about is unable to stop drinking alcohol or using drugs. Loved ones play an important role in addiction recovery, but supporting an addict is difficult. It requires patience, tough love and faith. I provide the coping tools to heal the family while the addict is in recovery.

Sober Companion

As a Sober Companion, I  offer a host of services including in-home round the clock care, on-call, or extra emotional support and accountability needed when going to important events such as weddings, funerals, court appearances, or travel that may cause added stress. I provide camaraderie and support to help the client navigate difficulties and establish healthy routines.

I know how difficult the first step can be. No inquiry is too big or small– I am here to listen to your needs. Schedule a phone call today.

How Does Sober Coaching Work?

What is a Sober Coach?

A Sober Coach helps people focus on increasing their motivation, identifying and creating a plan to reach their goals, and help them remove barriers to their recovery. A Sober Coach listens, normalize feelings, and provide a strengths-based approach for a more fulfilling future. 

What Does a Sober Coach Do?

A Sober Coach’s job is to support a client in pursuing their own goals. A coach will offer someone the tools and guidance needed to follow the path they’ve already chosen. This can include:

  • Helping a person form a plan of action
  • Directing that person to the right resources
  • Helping them navigate the medical system
  • Providing accountability and support
  • Offering guidance in developing new behavior patterns
  • Helping them view their progress objectively
  • Assisting in harm reduction for addictive behaviors

In other words, a Sober Coach helps people with the gritty, day-to-day process of overcoming addiction.

Why use a Sober Coach?

Thousands of people go to inpatient treatment centers to recover from addiction every year. These programs provide a safe, structured environment for learning and developing a new, healthy and satisfying way of living.

While “Rehab” can be difficult and challenging, the most troubling times for a person attempting recovery is often the first 90 days after leaving treatment. Returning home, familiar sights like drugs and alcohol left in the home can be triggering, while the realities of life—job pressures, family tension, bills piling up—can all be overwhelming. This is when a Sober Coach can be most helpful.

Why use a Sober Coach when you can go to AA and get a sponsor for free?

A Sober Coach is not an AA sponsor. They possess many characteristics of a good sponsor, but a Sober Coach does much more. Assessing what the client’s needs are, and recommending more than one suitable option is just the beginning. It’s like having your own personal case manager.

Unlike a volunteer sponsor, a Sober Coach is a professional who works for you. They can be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They will help you devise a plan with realistic daily goals, help keep you accountable to it, and continually reassess and make adjustments as you progress.

A good Sober Coach leads by example. They share what’s worked in the past and what’s working now. They relate on a personal level with the client, meeting them exactly where they are, spiritually, mentally and physically. They not only help clients stay sober but also show them how to be happy and enjoy their sobriety.

About Yianni Tsatas

Recovery Coach, Interventionist and Sober Companion

I’m a recovered cocaine addict and use my experience to help others. I achieved sobriety and my hope is to help others who are struggling with the same challenges I once did.

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My journey to recovery

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