Yianni Tsatas In The News

Have The Balls To Talk About It  – YouTube Series – September 2023
Yianni Tsatas was interviewed on the dicussion of Drug Addiction & Recovery.

Voyage Tampa  – Interview –  January 2023
Meet Yianni Tsatas – click here to read article.

The Global Exchange Conference  – November 2022
Dr Gabor Mate photographed with  Yianni Tsatas at The Global Exchange Conference

Have The Balls To Talk About It  – YouTube Series – January 2021
Yianni Tsatas was the invited special guest to dicuss Drug Addiction & Recovery.

Pablo Gives Back  – YouTube Series – June 2021
Yianni Tsatas gets raw and discusses his past with drugs and his road to recovery.

The UDR Cast  – Podcast 
E025 w/ Yianni T from Raw In Recovery- September 2021
Today we sit down with a very impactful man in our community, Yianni T! He hosts a website dedicated to helping others through their fight in addiction, you can find him on all platforms at Raw In Recovery! We sit down with him today to discuss a bit of his story, the importance of sponsorship and how he found his place in this community
Listen to the podcast here.

Saving You Is Killing Me  – Podcast 
Yianni shares the perspective and story of strength and resilience.
Listen to the podcast here.

Saints And Sinners  – Podcast 
Ep 05 : Requiem For A Dream With Yianni, Sean And George – October 2020
Addiction is a serious condition, in this period of confinement especially. Let us talk about it. No fillets no shame.
Listen to the podcast here.

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